Previous Lab Members

(Gone but not forgotten, and in no particular order!)


Daren Osato
(Master of Industry!)


Bob Nelson

Chang Seok Kim

Min Hong

Shirley Wang

Antonio Estevez
(The Spanish Chef and Science Fiction Connoisseur!)

Valerie Blanc
(I introduced her to Popeye Chicken but she didn't appreciate it!)

Marian Peris
(She had a python as a pet!)

Otavio Thiemann
(his lab bench rivaled Georges Frech's!)

Herb Avila
(finally writing his poster!)

Beat Blum
(The master of guide RNAs!)

Nancy Sturm
(The minicircle woman!)

Georges Frech
(did you ever see such a clean bench - or such a clean plate after lunch!)

Georges and Otavio
(Georges had to be fed well to get results)

Otavio and Herb
(They sometimes got tired looking out the window at the coeds!)

Dallas Hughes
(thinking about his parking tickets)
(See photo to right to show what Dallas has accomplished after he paid off his parking tickets!)

Dallas E. Hughes, Ph.D. Vice President, Technology and Founder. Previously Director of Biological Research at Exogene Corporation. Scientist at Barnett Institute, Northeastern University.

(Master of Industry!)

Dima Maslov
(From Russia with Love)

Getachew Kidane
(The minicircle man!)

Carlos Morel
(a little out of focus, but the only photo I have of Carlos at the bench!)

Nick Neckelmann
(If sequences could talk!)

Leonore Rovai
(The Argentine flash)

Janet Shaw
(What can I say!)

Ron Wesley
(The beginning of it all.
Somewhere lost in time!)

Lab photo - withYosh Suyama
Anthea Ramos
(back to the outback!)

Frederic Bringaud
(France got a goal!)

Shingi Yasuhira
(He sure knew how to open a stuck door!)

Beatriz Lima

(Ms RNA import!)

Jeremy Grunstein (son of the Michael)
("I taught him everything he knows!" - a quote from Agda)

Morel, Agda and Wim Degrave
at the Caxambu T. cruzi Meeting in 1985

Some Brasilian colleagues at Caxambu:
Colli, Roitman, Schmunes (an honorary Brasilian), Brener
Xuan Liu
Homero Dewes
(Brasilian relaxation at the bench)

Lab meeting on the Ipanema - Shaw, Dewes and Hughes
(Those were the days!)

"Dr." Steve Kapushoc
(Click on his nose for my novel introduction to his thesis defense!)

Anatoly Rivlin
EMBO Course on Cell Biology of Trypanosomes in Bruxelles in 1980.
Noreen Tinangco

Chris Wedding

Harumi Yuzawa

Damon Kuzniar
Krista Venecia

Robert Carrillo
(off to (Yale !) Graduate School)
Professor Juan Alfonzo (as of September, 2002!)
(He used to play basketball!)
(Off to Ohio State (Where is Ohio State?))

Dr. Mary Anne Rubio (as of June, 2002!)
(She could import better than anybody!)

Sandro Sbicego
(Off to Lichtenstein!)
(Where is Lichtenstein?)

Vidal de La Cruz (Dec. 2002)
(Vidal was the master of the 120 fragment and now he is a 'Master of Industry')

Larry Greenfield (Dec. 2002)
(It doesn't look like he was an undergrad working on minicircles 30 years ago!)


Mike Muhich (Aug. 25, 2003)
(Some people don't age!)


Herbert Avila enjoying his 25th High School Reunion in Peru
(Some people don't change!)

I apologize to all those ex-lab members whose photos I do not have (and also to those I do have).